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The Pathetic Runner: A Guide to Staying Upright in Life
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In David's first book, ICU to Marathon: Diary of a Nearly Dead Man he wrote about how to start running even if you're sick and overweight.

The book of inspirational running stories sold over 7,000 copies and provided running motivation to more than 12,000 Pathetic Runners around the globe since 2013.

David Johndrow is back with more inspiration and running humor in his new book, The Pathetic Runner: A Guide to Staying Upright in Life. The book will be released November 2020.


Praise for David's First Book

This book was awesome. Both informative and inspirational. I especially love that it's written with a great sense of humor and humility. I look forward to reading more books by David.
~Amazon Customer, verified Amazon purchase

Fun to read and share. I look for a sequel.
~Dean McKenney, verified Amazon purchase

Is it a book about running marathons? Or is it a memoir of your 'buddy next door' who refused to stay down when life tried to knock him down?
The short answer is… it's both.

- Known as the "King" in the Pathetic Runners online group which David started, he shares running advice from choosing the right shoes to how to train for a marathon.

-It's not his running knowledge that will keep you turning the page. David's life is an inspiration to anyone who's wanted to give up. Even if you've never run a mile in your life, you won't want to put the book down.

If you ever wondered what kind of determination it takes to run a marathon, then this book is for you. ~Melissa Dixon

Hi, I'm David Johndrow. I'm the original Pathetic Runner.

I didn't choose to get cancer, have kidney surgery or get divorced.

I did choose to become a runner… a Pathetic Runner.

I'm not an elite marathon runner. I'm just a normal, ridiculously good-looking guy, who chose to stay upright.

I did it, and you can too.

Spoiler Alert: I'm still standing upright.
David Johndrow the Pathetic Runner

The Pathetic Runner: A Guide to Staying Upright in Life begins where David's first book ends. He overcame viral myocarditis and morbid obesity by running. Things were on the upswing for him and David looked forward to a long life and happy future.

It wasn't that simple for David. After running in the Cape Cod Marathon, David registered for the granddaddy of all marathons – the 2014 Boston Marathon… and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the same month.

In the same familiar wit, candor and vulnerability you expect from him, David shares his inspiring story of combating six separate cancer diagnoses, two kidney surgeries, a couple of bone fractures, and depression. If that wasn't enough to knock a man down, David also went through a divorce in the midst of it all.

Others might have lost their running motivation but not David. He ran his way to through each cancer diagnosis, each surgery and love lost to become one of a handful of people worldwide to achieve the Abbott World Majors 6-Star Finisher distinction and to find love again.

Inspiration and humor all wrapped up together... Looking forward to his next book! ~Annie M

Who Should Read the Book?

This book is a must-read for Pathetic Runners everywhere and the people who love them.

It’s for everyone who’s been discouraged by a medical setback, a personal trauma, or depression. You’ll be encouraged, and motivated to stay upright, even when life tries to knock you down.

David is a master storyteller. He is witty, funny, and inspiring, and makes everything so real it is as if you are right there.
~Bobbie Page

A great read that even if you are not a runner you can enjoy. If you are a runner then you will really relate (and laugh.....a lot!) ~bluesrockerman

You Might Be a Pathetic Runner if:

  1. People ask if you're okay because you're breathing so hard
  2. Bananas and Vaseline become part of your morning routine
  3. Runners twice your age pass you like you're running in slow motion and they're in a time lapse video
  4. You've gotten stuck in a port-o-potty at the start of a 5K race and had to start the race all by yourself
  5. Your 'warm-up' consists of wrestling with yourself trying to put on a sports bra and compression shorts
  6. You've peed yourself after a race because you couldn't untie your shorts fast enough
  7. You're proud when you lose your first toenail because it means you're a “real” runner
  8. The only reason you run is because you like Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream and it's a trade-off you're willing to make
  9. The only way you'd ever place in the top 5 during a race is if you are running the race by yourself
  10. You're worried that the course will be closed before you can finish the first half
  11. You spit into the wind… only to have it come back and hit you
  12. You snort Gatorade on your first race because nobody mentioned that you should pinch the cup before drinking

More Praise for David's first book

One of the best books I have read! There is great information about running, hilarious stories and completely inspirational. David is an amazing guy that has overcome the impossible and makes me push myself harder to succeed in all of my adventures! THANK YOU!!!
~Heather Colombo, verified Amazon purchase

Enjoyed this book immensely. Very real, funny and helpful information. Proof that we can overcome our physical limitations and setbacks.
~Amy K. Smith, verified Amazon purchase

I am on the path of taking better care of my body. I wanted a book that inspired me. After reading about his journey of living a healthier life and achieving his goals its made me feel that I too can do anything! Great read!
~Amazon Customer, verified Amazon purchase

David Johndrow has cracked the code between inspiration and action. His book is nothing short of miraculous. The book reads as if your friend is saying, "Hey, I was down but decided not to be out. This is what I learned and maybe it can help you too."
~Maryanne Panaro-Grady, verified Amazon purchase

I picked up David's book and was unable to put down until the end. His life journey & struggles resembles so many of us who are now in our 50's. A great read for anybody who is struggling with weight loss or life changes. Loved it!
~Eva Marie Mixco, verified Amazon purchase

What if there was a book that could guarantee that you will:

  • lose weight and still eat whatever you want
  • find and maintain a fulfilling love life
  • always recover from any medical diagnosis
  • get running advice to help you run a marathon in under 3 hours If there was a book that guarantees those things, you'd want it, right?

The Pathetic Runner: A Guide to Staying Upright is NOT that book… But it WILL do this:

  • Encourage you to get up again if you've been knocked down
  • Inspire you to defeat any obstacle that prevents you from reaching your goals
  • Offer practical advice about running and how to stay injury-free
  • Make you realize that no matter how bad your life is, David's life is worse… and he's still standing upright When you pre-order The Pathetic Runner: A Guide to Staying Upright today, you'll also get these bonuses:
  • Personalized and signed by David Johndrow (guaranteeing that you'll never be able to “regift” it)
  • Free Pathetic Runner T-Shirt with each book!
  • Buy 2 books, and pay for them both

The Pathetic Runner: A Guide to Staying Upright will be shipped in November 2020

After reading this book, it was the final push I needed in my decision to run a half marathon before my 40th birthday.
~Michele J.

If you are in a running slump and need motivation to reach goals, or if you are just thinking about beginning your journey of becoming a runner, then this book is for you. David is humble, positive and very motivating...just what beginner runners need.
~Kathleen Strauss

ICU to Marathon - Diaries of a Nearly Dead Man (2013)

An Amazon Top 100 (#28) Sports Humor book ICU to Marathon, is available on Amazon and B&N in both paperback and Kindle.

Signed Editions available.

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