Pathetic Runner!

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We've all had a pathetic moment in our running, an untied running shoe, a T-shirt on backwards, a blister, an injury, or an "only a runner would think this is funny" moment. David Johndrow is a collector of such artifacts.

Are you able to laugh at yourself? Do you love running - well, the thought of it? You just might be a Pathetic Runner! The most fun running brand in the world is where you'll find T-shirts, hats, caps, shoe charms, coffee cups, and bumper stickers to express your running style.

Have fun, lace up, go run, and laugh a little. Be sure to join us in the Pathetic Runners Group on Facebook where we are fourteen thousand strong!

ICU to Marathon - Diaries of a Nearly Dead Man (2013)

An Amazon Top 100 (#28) Sports Humor book ICU to Marathon, is available on Amazon and B&N in both paperback and Kindle.

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