Pathetic Runner!

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We've all had a pathetic moment in our running, an untied running shoe, a T-shirt on backwards, a blister, an injury, or an "only a runner would think this is funny" moment. David Johndrow is a collector of such artifacts.

Are you able to laugh at yourself? Do you love running - well, the thought of it? You just might be a Pathetic Runner! The most fun running brand in the world is where you'll find T-shirts, hats, caps, shoe charms, coffee cups, and bumper stickers to express your running style.

Have fun, lace up, go run, and laugh a little. Be sure to join us in the Pathetic Runners Group on Facebook where we are ten thousand strong!

Pathetic Runner engages in fundraising for the Marathon Project; soon to be a 501(c)3 charity. The primary focus has been cancer charities such as Hope for Young Adults with Cancer, ZERO Cancer, PanCan and the Melanoma Foundation.

Join us for the Cancer Sucks Run

David Johndrow will be speaking in Startford, ON. Poster and Details

ICU to Marathon - Diaries of a Nearly Dead Man

An Amazon Top 100 (#28) Sports Humor book ICU to Marathon, is available on Amazon and B&N in both paperback and Kindle.

What can I say about ICU to Marathon: Diaries of a Nearly Dead Man? Words like witty, brilliant, and genius come to mind...but since David hasn't sent me another check I'll have to stop there! Seriously, this was one of the most encouraging and inspirational reads I've had the privilege of picking up in a while. Reading about how far David has come and what he has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. Then add to this his story telling abilities and wit, and this book is a winner. This is a must read for anyone who wants to make the "can't" in their life smaller! Rev. Bobby Daniel, LA

Pathetic Runner - Guide to the Galaxy

Due out in spring 2017!

This book represents nearly five years of personal running experience. My experience will not be your experience, and yours will not be mine. As I previously wrote, we are all different in our molecular biochemistry. I didn't really write that, nor do I know what it means. However, it did sound brainy.

The real reason for this book is that I am a pathetic runner. I was desperately out of shape. When I was released from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit in April of 2011, I huffed and puffed to walk a half a block from my home and back including a rest stop. Then I slept for three hours...

Pathetic Runner - Daily Devotional

Coming to Amazon in late 2017!

Here is to getting better a day at a time! Everything I read about running was too far above my level. Much of it still is. No-one wrote a book for heart trauma survivors or overweight, middle-aged misfits like me. Somehow I seemed to collect pathetic runners by the dozen once I admitted to the world that I didn't know what the heck I was doing.

I was clumsy, slow, and fat! Someone who ran three WHOLE miles just seemed like an alien to me. Add to the self-doubt that I had, and I could only be called pathetic. I should have just given up before I started. I didn't!

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